iNEXT Course “X-ray and neutron crystallography: from data collection to structures”: Registration is open!

We are pleased to announce the iNEXT course: “X-ray and neutron crystallography: from data collection to structures”. This intensive course is organized from May-13 to May-17, 2019 at Biocenter Oulu and at the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, University of Oulu in Oulu, Finland. It is organized together with iNEXT Partners (Diamond Light Source, The European Spallation Source), the Biocenter Oulu, and the Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme of the University of Oulu.

The course will include an introduction on the methods of protein and neutron crystallography and best practises in data collection are discussed. Tutorials include data processing, experimental phasing, molecular replacement phasing and neutron structure refinement.

Remote data collection (Diamond Light Source) of crystals from participating students is scheduled for Thursday. The course provides extensive opportunities for the students to work with the presented software in our Linux class room and to interact with the expert teachers.

Students are encouraged to send crystals in advance, which will then be shipped to Diamond Light Source for remote X-ray data collection. Students are also encouraged to bring their own raw X-ray data images that are difficult to process, or their own X-ray data sets for which molecular replacement calculations have turned out to be difficult.

There is no registration fee and we aim to cover the meals of the students. Applications for the course can be sent before 3.3.2019 using the link below. The course is aimed at PhD students and postdocs working on structural biology projects using X-ray or neutron diffraction methods. The application should include a CV, a motivation letter and a letter from the supervisor. Please also indicate if you plan to send crystals.

For more information, please visit: