iNEXT kickoff meeting

On October 1 and 2, 2015 the iNEXT kickoff meeting took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The meeting attracted about 65 participants to the Centraal Museum in the historical Utrecht city center. During this meeting, all partners joined and discussed together their plans and progress for the project. The general assembly focused on the different modes of transnational access, on networking activities, on proposal reviewing procedures, on financial issues and on the three joint research activities. In addition, the current status of the first annual user meeting to be held in 2016 in Spain and the first iNEXT workshop “Integrating X-ray crystallography and scattering with electron microscopy” to be organized in Portugal were presented.

The management committee, and members of the scientific advisory board and executive review panel met and discussed the different iNEXT procedures in more detail.

Finally, a session was included for a broader scientific audience on structural biology methods.

All photos from the kickoff meeting can be found here.

iNEXT kickoff attendants: