Start of iNEXT access

The iNEXT project allows expert and non-expert access to some of the most advanced structural biology equipment available in Europe. On Wednesday October 21 2015, access to the EU-funded Structural Biology project iNEXT officially started. The first two access modalities, out of a total of eleven, were activated. For these, potential guests are invited to submit their proposals to be peer-reviewed by external experts.

The first modality, “Structural Audit” allows non-specialists to have samples tested for their suitability for structural biology research. Samples are mailed-in, after which they will be assessed with respect to sample quality, quantity, and crystallization potential. A preliminary characterization by SAXS can be performed, as well as pre-analyses by NMR spectroscopy or Electron Microscopy. All results will be combined in a Structural Audit Report.

The second iNEXT modality that started to accept submitted proposals is the High-End Data Collection for NMR spectroscopy. This modality allows experienced and less-experienced NMR spectroscopists to obtain high-field NMR data in some of the best-equipped NMR centers in the world.